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April 2017

Absolutely exceptional experience! Wow!

Ryan and Caitlin Morris - 24/4/17


Thanks to the entire staff food was great!!! Asanda is THE waitress! Thank you to all!!!!

The Burne and Siebenburger Family - 18/4/17


Excellent food!

Shelley and Ian - 18/4/17


Wonderful place! Wonderful food! But most important is the wonderful people. Everyone is so pleasant and willing to help! Thank you Bianca for helping us get organised

Jaffe Party - 15/4/17


Fantastic! Lovely service with a smile, Isabel is amazing nothing was too much. Thank you everyone!

Cook Party - 14/4/17


Second to none hospitality as we have come to expect! Enjoyed every moment and will definitely be returning. Bianca, Kendra and Tebogo is an asset to your hotel. It is the attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Latif Party - 12/4/17


We enjoyed our stay here so much! Compliments to these friendly people! We hope we will come back!

Thalmann Party - 10/4/17


Such a satisfied venue, staff are friendly and welcoming. Food is delicious and rooms are beautiful. We will be back!

De Vries Party - 9/4/17


Absolutely satisfied with the service, accommodation, food and staff, keep it up!

Chandre Bellim - 8/4/17

March 2017

Awesome night! Woohoo!

Mariska - 20/3/17


Delicious sushi night, amazing safari, beautiful room and service from very friendly staff, thank you so much

Andrew Gale - 18/3/17


It was super lekker = Amazing food, thank you very much

Maya Marte Trillhaus - 15/3/17


Thank you for the evening in Africanos restaurant

Selofert Family - 13/3/17


Great food, generous portions, wonderful service by Balise, thank you for a great night

Eruft Family - 13/3/17


Fantastic place, staff super-duper friendly, will definitely be back

Jodi and Grant Marcus - 13/3/17


Absolutely fabulous place, staff very friendly, accommodation comfy, clean and service is outstanding

Cynthia and Russel Fuller - 12/3/17


Really beautiful, fantastic staff

Australia - 8/3/17



Koch, Daniela Karsten - 7/3/17


Beautiful weather, well-appointed rooms, great, clean, good meals. Thank you!

Andie Connell - 4/3/17


It was very nice to stay in the room, were very clean and it smells fresh, the outside shower is fantastic, we loved it!

- 2/3/17

February 2017

Great place, very nice and comfortable room, lovely dinner and very friendly and helpful staff! Thank you very much

Jan & Charlotte Laurens - 26/2/17


Great place, very nice and comfortable room, lovely dinner and very friendly and helpful staff! Thank you very much

Jan & Charlotte Laurens - 26/2/17


Great room, Thanks!

Armin - 26/2/17


Thank you so very much for all you have done for us!

Ralph & Almut - 26/2/17


Great place, great food & great staff

Nelson Thomson - 25/2/17


Great room and close to Addo, great game drive, thanks!

PP van Oosten - 25/2/17


Dinner was lovely! From Canada

Boyd - 22/2/17



Jadei, Antje, Matthias & Christoph - 19/2/17


Thank you! We appreciate your awesome staff & luxury accommodation, especially the outside shower and tub

Elise Cossant-dal - 17/2/17


It was good, thank you!

Peter & Elizabeth - 15/2/17


Everything was perfect, thank you!

Anton & Eva + Gerhard Graf - 13/2/17


First stay in Africanos, definitely not the last, we will certainly bring more groups

Lauwers Reizen - 11/2/17


Great place, especially the outdoor shower

Harley Group - 10/2/17


What an amazing restaurant, wonderful food and service. Thank you!

Steinmans & Erns - 9/2/17


Wonderful oasis, everything was perfect, staff amazing. Hope to come again soon!

Christine and Stewart Myhill - 8/2/17


Our second amazing stay, wonderful staff and location, can’t wait to come back.

Mr & Mrs Martin - 7/2/17

January 2017

Great! Great! Great!

Tobias - 8/1/17


We had a great time, staff is top!! They helped us a lot.

Joel & Gidi - 7/1/17


Visiting from Canada. Loved Africanos, great accommodation, food and service. Highly recommended.

Ian Wollach - 6/1/17


Very good food and the staff very polite. Thank you very much I love South Africa!

Milan - 3/1/17


Happy New Year! Good food and service!

Liesel Schaffer & Kids - 1/1/17



Malan & Ingrid Otto - 1/1/17




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